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Mini-LED, Light curing device for UV nail polishes and gels

Hardens in 30 seconds, extremely practical in mobile use, while travelling or in the writing desk drawer, operated on batteries and does not require a plug-in electrical connection.

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This Mini-LED light curing device is the perfect solution for those who want it done in a jiffy and without too much effort. It is very compact and does not need an electrical plug-in connection and is run on 3 small AAA batteries.

This powerful device has 3 power settings. The run time is doubled at each press of the button:

  • Press × 1 = green light = 15 seconds
  • Press × 2 = blue light = 30 seconds (recommended while using XXL LacLine)
  • Press ×3 = red light = 60 seconds

The practice of placing one finger after another under the light has proved to be very practical. While one finger nail dries the next can be painted. All the fingernails of one hand can thus be over and done within no time at all.

Thus, this is the perfect device for use not only in a nail studio but as well as at home.

Igualmente práctico en viajes y un fantástico complemento a este producto, es este set de 3 piezas de Lac Line.