XXL Lashes Metallic Flash Tattoo

Sexy Metallic Flash tattoos

Subido por: XXL Lashes
Duración: 00:23.000000

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Invitado Vie, 4 mar 2016
Awesome for the price! This isn't the highest qitauly costume (some loose strings, etc.), but it is awesome for the price. Totally cute, and come with the hat. I am curvy, 5'7.5 , size 10, and was worried it would be too short, but it actually was fine with a pair of bloomers and fishnets underneath. It also showcases your bust without going overboard. I got tons of complements and will wear it again.
Invitado Sáb, 25 jun 2016
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Invitado Sáb, 25 jun 2016
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Invitado Mié, 22 mar 2017
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